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Integrated campaign


48% increase in aided awareness

Unaided awareness tripled

Zurich’s first unified global campaign

What are we here for? What are the constants we believe in? What makes us successful? Where do we want to be one day? We humans have grappled with big questions since the dawn of civilization.

In the answers, we discover something pretty fundamental. That we are more alike, than not. We want to live purposefully. Love fully. Age gracefully. Sleep soundly. Mangos tapped into this universal truth to help a large Swiss insurance company discover a new voice, a new audience, indeed, a new world.

Shift the brand’s meaning.

Zurich Insurance was a top insurance company, but it was a bit sleepy, a bit neutral, and a lot traditional. It served them well within their familiar borders, but the world was shifting fast. It was a time of intense globalization and rapid movement. Walls were coming down between insurance and capital markets. And more. People were craving simplicity. Easier experiences. A trusted guide to help them manage extraordinary change.

Zurich had an aggressive vision for a “New Zurich.” It included acquisition of several global asset management companies. As the organization grew beyond insurance and became Zurich Financial Services, they knew they needed to grow awareness, too. But it wouldn’t happen by telling their story in the same old way. Or in the same old places. It was time to take on the world. Mangos was thrilled to help introduce this brand-new, 150-year-old company to the global stage.

When Zurich acquired several asset management companies, we helped them announce the news. It was the largest single-day, global insertion in The Wall Street Journal.

Hello, Big Blue Dot.

We asked ourselves, “What is Zurich’s role in a time of radical disruption?” To us, it was radical humanity. Helping people keep their big life-promises. To their family. To their businesses. To themselves. No one knows what the future will bring. But smart people, with smart partners, plan, imagine, construct, and look ahead. They connect the dots forward.

Our work was built on this premise. With a simple blue dot, appropriated from Zurich’s logo, we began to tell the story of how Zurich is helping people around the world connect here to there.

Our 16-spot global TV campaign was fine-tuned to deliver relevance for each market.

Our 16-spot global TV campaign was fine-tuned to deliver relevance for each market.


A big challenge was how to go global – in a local kind of way. It required more than Zurich’s name being recognized in multiple markets; its communications needed to adapt to reflect local culture and values.

At the global level, we reinforced Zurich as high quality, straightforward and trustworthy. At the local level, our goal was to create alignment with the particular vernacular, idioms, customs and lifestyle of each market. Being direct was good for Germany. Being energetic, but down-to-earth was good for Asia. There was heavy collaboration with Zurich’s communications pros in-market, as well as cultural advisors, to make sure the campaign felt true to the brand – and true to people at home.

Not just a “Message from the Chairman.”

This wasn’t the time for stale, static employee communications. (Not that it ever is.) With 50,000+ employees in 38 countries, we had brand ambassadors in-the-making, ready to go. But first, they had to understand what the “New Zurich” was all about. Our communications had to be inspirational, yet clear and accessible. We used all channels to create a robust and vibrant employee experience. Communications assets were online and available for local market use, with guidelines to make sure everything stayed on-brand.


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