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Siemens’ game-changing new MRI scanner was a beast. Sleek. Muscular. Sophisticated. And sporting a radical new software that acquired diagnostic images in a completely different and exponentially faster way.

Siemens had something their competitors wouldn’t be able to match for years. Naturally, they wanted this product launch to be every bit as disruptive as the technology. But they were up against a formidable challenge – their own DNA.

Engineering people want engineering speak. Right?

Siemens traditional strategy was to load up communications with machine “pin-up” shots and as much new feature/function language as possible. It was gospel; you sell the MRI machine – in all its complicated and detailed glory. The more complex, the better.

But something was different this time. There was a towering new CMO in town who wasn’t interested in conventional-wisdom, standard-operating-procedure marketing. Not this time. Not for this product. We took him at his word and got to work.

Going big. With three letters.

Our recommended strategy was to launch the new technology separate from the scanner. (A Siemens first.) We would define a new software family around the technology and tease it into market ahead of the scanner. (Another Siemens first.) We would focus on customer intent – not just technical attributes. Asking, why would a health system need this technology? How would it impact patients? Clinicians? Workflow? Economics? (Again, a shift of perspective for Siemens.)

And, oh yes. What to name it? We landed on “Tim.” Simple. Human. Short. It stands for “Total imaging matrix” technology. Which also offered a pretty good descriptor of what the technology actually does.

Getting the go-ahead for a name like “Tim” – which was so un-techy as to be almost subversive – required a lot of debate, strong qualitative research with customers around the world, and a little leap of faith. It became the catalyst for the bold thinking to follow.

We landed on “Tim.”


Simple. Human. Short.

Our global campaign primed the market for the arrival of Tim.

Sales, meet Tim.

Internal buy-in and enthusiasm is mission-critical. The sales force had to get to know Tim. And not just the technical specifications, but the business, clinical and workplace benefits of Tim. Video content, thoughtleader white papers, interactive tools and collateral rounded-out the strategic picture.

The fact is, the Siemens sales force is expected to sell all of the diagnostic imaging products in the company’s portfolio. MRI was one of the tougher ones to sell because it’s a tougher one to understand. The Tim marketing campaign distilled the story in a clear, concise and surprising way. And, by the annual sales meeting, the whole sales force was “FoT” (Friends of Tim).

Today, Tim is in its 4th generation. In total, Mangos helped Siemens launch six scanners in the Tim family. There are thousands of Tim installations around the world.

Maybe the sweetest result of all? One of the Siemens’ senior marketing leaders for the MRI family named his firstborn son Tim because of how the launch changed his professional life. True story. 


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