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Baby tubs. Bouncers. Diaper bags. Swaddle blankets. Cribs. Humidifiers. It’s estimated that American parents spend over $12,000 on their babies in the first year alone. For soon-to-be-parents who are feeling a bit insecure and vulnerable, these are highly emotional investments.

The baby industry hasn’t shied away from feeding on these fears. As Mangos’ research showed, what’s already a time fraught with anxiety can become even more overwhelming in the number of choices, products, features and designs. Of course you want the best for your child, but what is it? Nuna, a luxury baby gear brand, wanted to take some of the work out of being new parents.

Anything but a baby step.

Nuna arrived from Denmark in 2012 with their beloved-in-Europe PIPATM infant car seat. PIPA offers a sleek Dutch design esthetic, a 5-second install and meets safety standards higher than here in the States. Now Nuna was ready to grow its family. They tapped Mangos to help them launch two new car seats that would beautifully transport a child through pre-school and beyond. We saw it as a great opportunity for Nuna to make a stronger, stickier bond with its customers.

Nothing you do


for children is


ever wasted.

Garrison Keillor, Leaving Home

Our campaign mixed strong product photography with a little parent “Rah! Rah!”

Dutch-designed practical luxury.

True to Dutch design thinking, Nuna uses inventive functionality to deliver smart, simple and practical luxury. You won’t find Nuna in a big box retailer; but we also believed that Nuna wasn’t a “badge brand” either. These are car seats for parents who seek the details. Who appreciate Nuna’s philosophy of engineering all the unnecessary parts out of their gear. And care more about the UPF canopies and side-impact protection than a label.

Life with kids will be messy. But you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Our “Give them the world” campaign tells the story of this innovative line of car seats through emotion and a smile. The technology is at the heart of the story. But so is the reality of family life with crumbly animal crackers, cranky two-year-olds, spilled juice boxes and dreams of the future. It’s a bit of a love song to the little ones. Moms and Dads, too.

The campaign reflects the Nuna belief that less is more. Less is liberating, in fact. By keeping the campaign as uncomplicated as the products themselves, we hoped new parents would take a deep breath and think, “Hey, I’ve got this.”

We gave people a chance to try Nuna out for themselves with an in-store demo.
Credit: Nuna Instagram

Go for a test ride.

Research showed that Nuna owners like the fact that you have to hunt down a Nuna. So our campaign was a bit stealth, but right on target. We also created their first large-scale, in-store demo at several upscale retailers – inviting people to plop their little ones into a seat and experience the Nuna difference for themselves.


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