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The world looks different when you’re three feet tall. Things are bigger. The ordinary can seem fascinating. Or scary. It’s a world of giggles. Tears. Boo-boos. Hugs. Everything is an adventure. Everyone is a possible friend.

Then we grow up. We forget what it’s like to be a child. And, most of the time, that’s okay. We have to be adults. But sometimes, it’s important to change perspective. To picture yourself as a kid again. To remember what hurts. What helps. What scares. What soothes.

Which is exactly what we did in the lead-up to helping Lehigh Valley Health Network launch its new Children’s Hospital. Mangos knew this couldn’t just be another “advanced medicine” story. Yes, the Children’s Hospital had the best technology, specialists and procedures. But that wasn’t the whole story.

We stopped working and started playing.

When you actually get down on the floor with a bunch of kids, drive some trucks around, play dolls and just listen, it’s amazing how the memories of being a kid can come flooding back. You remember doing things, “just because.” You remember believing you could be anything. You remember having an imagination that was limitless and not cramped by a dumb thing like logic.

From the mouths of babes, came our idea.

We kicked off the campaign with a series of TV commercials showing life from a sick kid’s perspective. The campaign went on to win the ADDY® award for Best of Television.

Is it a computed tomography scanner or a spaceship?

Guess it depends on your point of view. And that was the idea behind our multi-year, omnichannel campaign which re-imagined the Children’s Hospital from a kid’s perspective. Abracadabra! A hospital room became a secret lair. A wheelchair became a rocket mobile. A monitor became mission control. A doctor became a magician who waves her wand and makes kids feel better. And all kids became superheroes.

Crowdsourcing some champions.

It was critical that we make an emotional connection with the community. Located only about an hour from Philadelphia, a healthcare mecca, many people in the Lehigh Valley would bypass their local health system in favor of the ones in Philadelphia. 

Broadcast, OOH, direct mail and email were good traditional channels. And we took over the local mall. But we also knew that if we activated social media in the right way, we could help drive stronger community engagement with the brand.

Billboards featuring children’s artwork blanketed the region. The boards drew so much attention, Lehigh Valley Business wrote a two-page article on the impact of the campaign.

We tapped into parents’ universal love of sharing cute kid stuff and put out a call for some little superheroes to star in the next wave of the campaign. We launched the contest through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Winners would be featured on TV, YouTube and other social media channels. It was a hit and the Galaxy was introduced to a whole lot of pretty adorable superheroes.

Calling all kids. A Facebook video contest built awareness and social community for the hospital.

Once upon a time…

…there was no Children’s Hospital in the Lehigh Valley. Today, it’s thriving. Our campaign saw a 31% increase in pediatrician and specialist referrals to the hospital over prior year. Total hospital volume growth of 27%. The campaign was featured in Strategic Healthcare Marketing. Parents don’t have to leave home for an extraordinary children’s hospital. And they all lived happily ever after.


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