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La Salle University School of Business


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Brand strategy


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15.4% increase in business school applications

31% increase in business school deposits

42% increase in open house attendance university-wide

La Salle University School of Business

The Means to
a Beginning

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La Salle University is tough to categorize. It’s a classic liberal arts university. But one that has a fierce belief in the value of learning by doing through real-world training. It’s a small gem of a school, with a bold vision for what will be required of 21st century leaders. 

Now it was ready to embark on its most ambitious journey. The goal was to transform business school education in an era of disruptive, chaotic and constant change. La Salle’s plan for growth included the building of a new $35 million School of Business. Mangos was invited to help re-position – and re-imagine – the brand.

Video gave us an opportunity to present nuanced content from the point-of-view of La Salle’s own students. 

Scrappy, yet steeped in tradition.

We talked to a lot of people – students, graduates, professors and administrators – and a picture began to emerge. Here was a school that offers a uniquely progressive education based on an approach that dates all the way back to 1680 and Saint John Baptist de La Salle, the patron saint of teachers.

A degree is a means


to an end. An education is


a means to a beginning.

A higher return-on-learning.

We positioned La Salle as the antithesis of a university “factory” mass-producing graduates for standardized jobs. But it wasn’t enough just to claim this, we had to prove it. Prospective students, already worried about rising tuition and crippling student debt, want to know what they’ll get out of their education.

As we scoured La Salle’s data, we found strong statistics that demonstrated the concrete value of a Lasallian education. By marrying these rational proof points with larger, more philosophical statements about the university’s enduring values, we were able to define Lasallian Business in a compelling way.

We designed a new, responsive website for the School of Business. It became the template for all of La Salle’s other schools to follow.

Milestone planning. Omnichannel delivery.

Our campaign, “That’s Lasallian Business” was executed through four Milestone Phases: Identify. Attract. Engage. Enroll. Our strategy was to nurture relationships throughout the conversion funnel.

Strategic media planning put us where Millennials are. Video was a cornerstone. We mixed old-school with new media, layering in digital, email, direct mail, OOH and broadcast. Facebook and Instagram campaigns drove interest in student events. And, we created a new website for the Business School that offered a more immersive experience.

We used out-of-home, a postcard series, and email to keep the conversation with prospects going.

Transforming results.

The campaign truly was a means to a new beginning. Open House attendance increased by 42%. Freshman applications increased 11% year-over-year. And the really important stat, Freshman deposits rose 31% year-over-year.


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