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Mangos has served many constituents. Homeless kids, not so often. But there was our client’s product, being served up on a hot summer day at a shelter in North Philadelphia. The kids were casting baleful glances at sweating cups full of green stuff.

Try it, said the volunteer lady. It’s delicious. Six miles south, around manicured Rittenhouse Square, web developers in Warby Parkers were hanging out in a vegan joint, clutching their iPads in one hand and cups of frosty green liquid in the other. The stuff was delicious. A force of nature named Lisa McGuire – and the Mangos team – had triumphed again.

Creating a broad coalition of GetRealGetRaw believers was critical. Social posts drove the mission home.
Credit: GetRealGetRaw Instagram

Our strategy: create credibility.

Lisa was a working mom with a medicine cabinet full of prescription meds that didn’t help her arthritis pain very much. A vegan diet, including a smoothie made with greens and fruit, made her feel better – without drugs. She knew she was fortunate to have access to all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. She also knew that a lot of other people weren’t so fortunate.

So she decided to create a “taste good, do good” organization, sell the smoothies, and use 100% of her profits to bring fresh food, and food education, to people in need.

Who hasn’t met well-meaning people with a kitchen-table dream? But Lisa was different. Mangos knew that if we could make her brand story not just appealing, but credible, she’d have a shot.

First, we tackled the fundamentals: a brand positioning and narrative to sharpen Lisa’s passion into a highly persuasive tool for urban upscale customers and high-end retailers. Lisa had already named the company GetRealGetRaw, and the drink, a Groothie. Our positioning line, “100% for good” put a stamp on the brand promise.

The website serves up all kinds of fresh stuff. Recipes, wellness videos, raw food lifestyle blogs, and lots of green education.

Steering the company to profitability.

Lisa’s ultimate goal was to gallop like Lawrence of Arabia into Philadelphia’s food deserts. But that’s a big stretch of sand. Instead, Mangos helped steer her into established centers that already served people in need, like Project Home, a shelter, and Simpson House, a home for seniors.

As sales spiked, Lisa changed her company from a 501(c)(3) nonprofit to a for-profit enterprise. Suddenly we were nudging a reluctant capitalist: “Lisa! The more money you make, the more you can give away!”

It worked.

In one year, retail distribution tripled in size. Today, Groothies are served up at healthy restaurants in three states. They’re free at some social programs and popular at HealthPartners Wellness Fairs. You’ll find them at big-kid schools, like Wheaton College and St. Joseph’s University, and little-kid schools in low-income neighborhoods. The green stuff is delicious, and it’s spreading.


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