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Nobel Biocare Launches New Brand

Mangos, a Philadelphia branding agency, helps Nobel Biocare re-position the company as a global leader in the dental implant market.

Mangos was recently tasked with spearheading a major rebranding effort alongside Nobel Biocare’s global communications team. The initiative involved brand positioning, launch planning, and a new brand platform.

As a part of the rebranding effort, Mangos helped to refresh the Nobel Biocare corporate brand identity. The new logo was created based upon a modern evolution of the company’s heritage logo. To rollout the brand internally and to ensure consistency and accuracy worldwide, comprehensive brand guidelines were created that established key elements for the new brand.

Mangos also led a website overhaul of the Nobel Biocare international website. The overhaul considered small, quickly achievable wins, areas of efficiency between the broader brand evolution and website project, and how to create an improved yet scalable website experience that can grow with the brand over time.

“The complete brand evolution was a way to recast Nobel Biocare as a global leader in the dental implant marketplace. We now believe Nobel has exactly the right foundation to continue to grow this brand over time,” said Bradley Gast, Principal and Chief Creative Officer.

About Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare is a leading innovator of implant-based dental restorations. We work every day to perfect every aspect of esthetic dentistry for our customers, and their patients, around the world. More about Nobel Biocare can be viewed at