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Nobel Biocare Account Awarded

Mangos, a Philadelphia branding agency, announced that it has been selected to lead a global rebrand for Nobel Biocare, a dental implant solutions company based in Zurich, Switzerland.

From many to few. The agency selection process was extensive, with Nobel inviting hundreds of agencies from around the world to participate. Mangos was selected as the final agency from a short list of four agencies.

“The time is ripe for Nobel Biocare to relaunch its brand in the changing landscape of dental care. And we’re excited to roll up our sleeves and collaborate on re-imagining their brand position and future,” said Bradley Gast, Principal and Chief Creative Officer of Mangos.

Mangos will help Nobel Biocare with branding and positioning to establish the company as the worldwide leader in the dental implant market. Mangos has done this for other clients in the healthcare space, including Siemens and Main Line Health.

About Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare is a leading innovator of implant-based dental restorations. We work every day to perfect every aspect of esthetic dentistry for our customers, and their patients, around the world. More about Nobel Biocare can be viewed at