SVP, Director of Strategy

You know that point in a meeting when someone asks the unexpected question that takes the discussion to a higher level and leads to an unexpected solution? That’s often Joanne. A distinguished creative leader with over 25 years of experience, she has the uncanny ability to make the critical observation which turns a good strategy into a great one. Her focus is on ferreting out the white space that gives brands lots of elbow room to differentiate, grow and thrive. As an American history buff, she is reassured by the contentiousness of our Founding Fathers.



Creative Director

The eye of a designer, the mind of a strategist, the passion of a craftsman. Justin delivers insight, creativity and design that defines and differentiates brands. His bold approach to creative problem solving has been recognized by Graphis, Communication Arts, One Show and more. You’ll find Justin’s work in the permanent collection of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Away from his desk, he’s probably in his barn, trying to make something run that shouldn’t – while not catching everything on fire.



SVP, Director of Account Management

Do not be fooled by her small stature. Brooke is a terabyte of energy in a convenient yet powerful size. As Mangos’ Director of Account Management, she is part leader, part strategist, all go-go. Brooke sees brand leadership through the lens of her digital expertise: how can we innovate, surprise, accelerate, and make brand experiences remarkable, right now? She is deeply practical. She listens carefully. Her favorite deadline is yesterday.



Principal, Chief Executive Officer

Don’t let the suspenders and bowtie fool you. Bill lettered in wrestling. He also used to race motorcycles. Which helps explain his tenacious commitment to serving the needs of our clients. He sharpened his management and marketing skills at the Business Management Program at the Wharton School of Business. But he also went to art school, which makes for a formidable mix of creative, marketing and business expertise. Giving back is a passion; Bill founded an environmental conservation center in Kenya and is a trustee at University of the Arts.



Principal, Chief Creative Officer

Bradley is the guiding hand of Mangos. He is as clear as he is passionate about creating advertising that surprises, inspires and, most importantly, works brilliantly for our clients. A relentless perfectionist, he looks at clients’ needs from every conceivable angle. Then he scrutinizes the agency’s response until it is honed into a solution that is results-oriented, targeted and effective. He brings our clients over 30 years of experience in advertising and draws on a range of creative, marketing and business savvy to keep Mangos moving forward. Bradley collects and plays vintage saxophones. He’s waiting for that invite to Chris’ Jazz Club.



Creative Director

Says little speaks volumes. Kevin’s expertise lies in distilling complex ideas and marketing strategies into compelling creative ideas that inspire, move and motivate. He believes firmly that while a lot has changed in advertising, the essential stuff hasn’t. “Brands still have a story to tell. And people are still human. All you have to do is connect the two.” Kevin’s film and video work is on permanent display at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Someday, he will run a sailing charter in the Caribbean.



Digital Creative Director

Keith is a bundle of brilliant contradictions. He is an artist who believes in organized process. He’s not even afraid to think inside the box – the trick, he’ll tell you, is to embrace that box, and use it to strategic advantage. And yes, he’s a digital creative director, but he spends his free time smeared in printer’s ink, tinkering away in the small manual press shop that he and his wife own. Count on him to juggle your brand’s dreams and realities, wrestle budgets and timelines, and find the balance that leads to success.



Account Manager

From an early age, James learned the power of nuanced, strategic thinking. With parents who are professors of Religion, James spent many hours debating the big challenges of humankind. Today, he’s helping us solve some of the big challenges of marketing. Possessing a passion for efficiency and a refusal to deliver anything other than excellence, James has proven, over and over, the wisdom of hiring a Temple Owl.


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