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    Mangos Takes Four Wins at the Philadelphia ADCP LOUIX Awards

    Mangos has a successful start to the 2017 award season, bringing home four LOUIX Awards.... READ POST
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    In the here and now.

    It’s a fact. No human mind can absorb the limitless output of today’s digitized content. In our work lives, while instant access to information is a requirement of business, it comes with a dark side:... READ POST
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    Strategic Brand Partnerships:
    Finding the Right Fit

    A branded marketing partnership between aligned companies, each with their own equity, can be a powerful thing. From collaboration on new products and services to digital content creation, these relationships... READ POST
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    Social Media: Be savvy, not shamed.

    Gone are the days when the brand with the biggest media budget and best ad placement could easily outshine the competition. Social media has changed the paradigm, enabling marketers to engage consumers... READ POST
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    Data Measurement: 7 Steps to Success

    Big data, analytics, measurement planning, ROI. With mounting pressure to demonstrate success and justify marketing investment, it is paramount that, as marketers, we effectively measure our initiatives.... READ POST
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    gTLDs: The opportunity to go beyond .com

    Google. Amazon. Walmart. HBO. TJ Maxx. Discover. Half of the world’s top brands have applied for their own gTLDs (generic top-level domains) and are poised to start using their new digital platforms... READ POST
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    App Curation: Connect your customers to the best apps – and to you.

    In 2013, over 56 billion smart phone apps and 14 billion tablet apps were downloaded. By 2017, that number is estimated to be upwards of 200 billion. 80% of all mobile time is spent using apps. On average,... READ POST
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    The power of three messages.

    It’s no surprise that, as humans, we like things in sets of three: “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Gold, Silver & Bronze. “So, three guys walk into a bar…” We consider it a winning... READ POST
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    Mangos taps internal talent to lead its new media program.

    We are pleased to announce the promotion of Brooke (Clifton) DeLuise to New Media Director.... READ POST
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    Unleash the masses: Crowdsourcing in Higher Ed.

    Usually we think of crowds as being chaotic and rowdy. But crowds with a defined purpose can be influential, persuasive, and when given the appropriate tools and framework, a very successful advertiser... READ POST
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    When did we get comfortable with sub-par client satisfaction?

    36% percent of Americans have “very little” or “no confidence” in US banks … Gallup Poll, 2011... READ POST
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    We’ve Been Thinking Series: Design Rules

    The We’ve Been Thinking Series offers Mangos’ insight into the world of communications. Our goal is to stimulate thinking and spark ideas.... READ POST
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    We’ve Been Thinking Series: Random Consistency

    The We’ve Been Thinking Series offers Mangos’ insight into the world of communications. Our goal is to stimulate thinking and spark ideas. ... READ POST
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    Bending reality

    The word “uchronia” is another term for alternative history. A combination of scholarship and imagination... READ POST
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    Inhale. Exhale.

    When did impatience become a virtue? Real time has devolved into all the time with little time for deeper, more critical analysis or thinking. We seem to run on a perpetual... READ POST