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Justin Moll
Justin Moll

Justin Moll


Justin is a man of few words. His bold approach to creative problem solving speaks for itself. His art direction has brought new life to brands ranging from art schools to roller derby leagues. A graduate of Philadelphia University, Justin has been recognized with awards from the Philadelphia Art Directors’ Club, Graphis, Communication Arts and a national gold ADDY. His work for The University of the Arts was included in the permanent collection of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. When he’s not at his desk, Justin is wrenching on Lucille, his ’70 Nova. Which just about says it all.

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What song title best describes you as a professional?

“Against the Grain.”

What’s the one advertising campaign you wish you’d worked on?

I wish I made this ad for The Independent.

If you were on death row, what would your last meal be?

French Toast and Scrapple

Favorite website for Internet brain candy?


You just won $10 million, but only have one week to spend it. Go.

I’d buy multiple huge barns and fill them with assorted Triumph Motorcycles, ‘32 Ford coupe, ‘37 Ford coupe, ‘50 Chevy sedan, ‘54 Chevy sedan, ‘56 Ford pickup, ‘63 Nova, ‘67 Jetstar and lots of tools. My wife and daughter can have the rest.

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