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Bradley Gast
Bradley Gast

Bradley Gast


Bradley is the guiding hand of Mangos. He is as clear as he is passionate about creating advertising that surprises, inspires and, most importantly, works brilliantly for our clients. A relentless perfectionist, Bradley looks at clients’ needs from every conceivable angle. Then he scrutinizes the agency’s response until it is honed into a solution that is results-oriented, targeted and effective. A graduate of The University of the Arts, Bradley has over 30 years of experience in advertising and draws on a range of creative, marketing and business expertise to keep Mangos moving forward.

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What could you do on David Letterman’s Stupid Human Tricks?

Divide anything perfectly even. Like four level glasses of red wine from one bottle in a single pour.

Who’s the one person who has made the biggest impact on your career?

Bill Bernbach. His work was breathtaking. His philosophy about spec work was gutsy. His commitment to family was inspiring.

What’s the one advertising campaign you wish you’d worked on?

The original VW Beetle campaign. I was only a kid when the cars came to America. But the work began my love affair with advertising. Bold ideas with simple product photography. Amazing language. Phenomenal product.

Favorite pizza topping?

Mushrooms and anchovies – and anyone who loves them the way I do.

What movie do you have to watch every time it’s on TV?

Any Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western. One man on a mission.

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