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Zurich Financial Services
Zurich Financial Services

Connecting the dots from old to new.

How do you re-imagine a 150-year-old company that was venturing beyond its core insurance business into the highly competitive world of asset management? Our campaign demonstrated how Zurich Financial Services helps people around the world connect two really important dots – here and there. In a way that’s just right for them.

Our positioning was brought to life in the 16-spot global TV campaign we created for them. Shot with regional footage from each key market, it helped reinforce that Zurich could deliver locally. There was a 48% increase in aided awareness within the first six months and unaided awareness tripled within the same time period.

When Zurich acquired several asset management companies, we helped them announce the news and set the stage for the vision of the future. It was the largest single day global insertion by the Wall Street Journal.