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Navarro Saxophone Mouthpieces
Navarro Saxaphone Mouthpieces

More volume with social media.

With online-only distribution, how do you sell an expensive, handcrafted saxophone mouthpiece to someone who can’t play it first – or return it later? We built an e-commerce website that paid visual homage to Navarro’s museum-quality mouthpieces. Then we let players spread the word.

We designed the Navarro website to present the product as almost an art object, while still having all of the specs that any serious saxophonist would want.

We took advantage of custom fitting sessions to shoot video of some of the world’s great jazz legends making music with Navarro. Ultimate testimonials.

We teased the Navarro launch by “leaking” the new Navarro signature Bob Mintzer mouthpiece on Facebook, which started a 100,000+ hit thread on an online sax forum. Through social listening we were able to populate YouTube with content that consumers were requesting.