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Lehigh Valley Health Network

The more you do, the better you are.

To master anything at the highest level, it comes down to something very simple: you have to do it over and over. And when lives are at stake? That’s when experience really matters. Our campaign introduced the top surgeons at Lehigh Valley Health Network and why, when it comes to surgical excellence, strength in numbers isn’t just some cliche – it’s the reason to believe.

We used video content as the centerpiece of the campaign. These gave the community a chance to get to know the men and women behind the surgical masks. Each video was personal, powerful and often moving.

TV struck an emotional chord with viewers while providing the proof about LVHN’s leading surgical volumes.

In print, while we went a little more clinical, we never lost the very personal dimension of what it means to fight disease. LVHN surgeons perform truly leading edge procedures in the battle to return their patients to good health.

Outdoor gave us the opportunity to blanket the region with our surgeons and their specialties. We kept it simple and confident.