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Cannondale Bicycles

Different spokes for different folks.

There are hard-core on-road and off-road riders. But just because they’re both riding on two wheels doesn’t mean they’re anything alike. Our campaigns had to keep the Cannondale brand front and center, but serve it up to these distinctly different audiences in a way that made them both drool and want more.

Off-roaders like to climb mountains. So our print gave them all kinds of reasons to go a bit wild.

The Tarrywile Lodge microsite we created to launch the Rize and Moto averaged over 15,000 visits per day.

A teaser campaign for the Synapse HiMod helped to pique interest.

An insert, with a gorgeous pinup centerfold, helped move Cannondale from 4th place to 1st as the brand of roadbike most riders planned to buy next.

A high-performance bike, like the Cannondale Synapse, is an object of desire. So we created a site that catered to every whim and fantasy of riders who are passionate about what they ride.

Reaching the 20-something kids that worked in the bike shop with swag and special messages on shipping boxes really helped to build the Cannondale brand.